President Obama’s Brother


I’m going to get so much heat for pointing this out and making a joke about it.

So, President Obama’s brother was in photos wearing a scarf with Hamas slogans on it, supporting Hamas saying (a) “We Are Coming ” and (b) “From the river to the sea,” – A Hamas slogan which means – no state of Israel i.e. Israel wiped off the map.

Haha, I guess this might explain John Kerry’s foreign policy in the Middle East recently – reaching out to Qatar – alienating Egypt, Israel and even the PLO.

I’m not saying anything against him for being a devout muslim, that’s not at all the focus – but he went and wore a keffiyeh calling for the destruction of Israel – and what do you think is going to happen to all the 5.5 million Israeli Jewish civilians if there were a destruction of Israel by Hamas…?

In case you say ‘they aren’t that close’

““Here in Africa we don’t think of each other as ‘half’ this or that. In an extended family, someone is your brother even if he is just in your clan. So I…am Obama.””

“During a phase of their lives, Malik and Barack Obama were close. Over a span of fourteen years, on and off, Malik worked Stateside,”

““Of course we’re close!” Malik says, just a bit too loudly. “I’m the one who brought him here to Kogelo in 1988!”

“Malik Obama would like you to understand that he’s a Man Who Knows People, and in his dwindling hours as an aspirant, he goes right ahead and makes an argument for nepotism—or, if not direct nepotism, then the benefits of fortuitous associations. ”

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Words from a Member of the South African Parliament

By Rev. Kenneth Mesheo: member of the South African Parliament, and the president of the African Christian Democratic Party. His words, not mine.


“I believe that it is slanderous and deceptive for Israel’s self-defense measures against the terrorists’ campaign of suicide bombing, rocket attacks and other acts of terrorism that have occurred, and continue to occur, to be labeled as apartheid. I am shocked by the claim that the free, diverse, democratic state of Israel practices apartheid. This ridiculous accusation trivializes the word apartheid, minimizing and belittling the magnitude of the racism and suffering endured by South Africans of color.


I urge all people, young people in particular, to visit Israel and learn the facts for themselves so that they can confidently refute these false allegations against Israel. The misapplication of the term apartheid makes a mockery of a grievous injustice and threatens to undermine the true meaning of the term.


In my view, Israel is a model of democracy, inclusion and pluralism that can be emulated by many nations, particularly in the Middle East.”


“…In my numerous visits to Israel, I did not see any of the above. My understanding of the Israeli legal system is that equal rights are enshrined in law. Black, brown and white Jews and the Arab minority mingle freely in all public places, universities, restaurants, voting stations and public transportation. All people have the right to vote. The Arab minority has political parties, serves in the Israeli parliament (Knesset) and holds positions in government ministries, the police force and the security services. In hospitals, Palestinian patients lie in beds next to Israeli Jews, and doctors and nurses are as likely to be Israeli Arabs as Jews. I also understand that an Israeli Arab judge presided over the trial of former Israeli President Moshe Katsav, who was convicted of misconduct. An Ethiopian Jew recently won the title of Miss Israel. None of the above was legally permissible in apartheid South Africa!”


Here is the original article from the SF Examiner.


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The Judge in the Moshe Katsav Trial.

The Fine Line Between Bending the Numbers and Just Plain Lying

How accurate are those numbers really?


I’m not saying this isn’t a tragedy and that there aren’t real people suffering in a terrible war, but if someone is claiming false info as propaganda its ok to point it out.


(1) Palestinian authorities were duplicating names on the list – BBC, CNN and Al-Jazeera didn’t even bother to check the list before citing figures released by the – Hamas controlled – Palestinian Health Authority.


(2) “85% of them male. “In fact,” he wrote, “more than two-thirds of the fatalities are males aged 18 to 60, despite the fact that they represent around 20% of Gaza’s population.”


(3) Here is what social media guidelines issued to Gazans by the Hamas Interior Ministry, and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), have to say on the subject:


“Anyone killed or martyred is to be called a civilian from Gaza or Palestine, before we talk about his status in jihad or his military rank. Don’t forget to always add ‘innocent civilian’ or ‘innocent citizen’ in your description of those killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza.”




() “For Operation Protective Edge, the only data published so far comes from the health ministry in Gaza. This ministry is run by Hamas, therefore rendering the number of casualties and injuries it reports more than unreliable…” Thanks international media for telling us that the unbiased Hamas were the ones reporting the numbers. And they would be as truthful as they’ve been in publishing other false information, like fake photos and photos taken from movie scenes.


(2) “The authorities in Gaza generally count every young man who did not wear a uniform as a civilian — even if he was involved in terrorist activity and was therefore considered by the IDF a legitimate target…” Thanks for mentioning this BBC, considering many militants don’t wear uniform and pretend to be civilians….


“…as Patrick Martin noted in the Globe and Mail during the battle for Shejaiya, some gunmen “bore their weapons openly, slung over their shoulder, but two, disguised as women, were seen walking off with weapons partly concealed under their robes. Another had his weapon wrapped in a blanket and held on his chest as if it were a baby.”


(3) They’ve lied before “After Israel’s 2008-9 Operation Cast Lead, many pro-Palestinian activists were outraged over the high number of innocent Palestinians killed. Palestinian sources, widely cited including by the UN, reported 1,444 casualties, of whom 314 were children. Israel, on the other hand, said that 1,166 Gazans were killed — 709 of them were “Hamas terror operatives”, 295 were “uninvolved Palestinians,” while the remaining 162 were “men that have not yet been attributed to any organization.” It put the number of children (under 16-years-old) killed at 89.”