Has the World Gone Mad?

Let’s Take A Step Back:


In recent years,


On the one side:

(A) Islamic Fundamentalist Militants are engaged in wars in at least 25 countries – areas where Israel is not, and the Jews can’t be blamed for being the aggressors. Many of which, were once, never ‘their land’.


Nigeria (Boko Haram), Somalia (Al Shabab), Kenya (Al Shabab), London Bombings, September 11, India, Phillipines (Abu Sayyaf Group), Myanmar, Central African Republic, Sudan, Uganda, Cameroon, Tanzania


Lebanon (Hezbollah), Iraq (ISIS), Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood), Pakistan (Taliban), Afghanistan (Taliban and Al-Qaeda), Syria (So Many), Yemen (Al Qaeda), Tajikistan (IMU), Uzbekistan (IMU), Algeria (GSPC), Bangladesh (Jamaat-ul-Muhajideen), Libya.


In all these lands other religions are persecuted, in the Middle East and North Africa gays have no rights, women have unequal rights and right now in Iraq Female Genital Mutilation might be imposed on 4 million daughters and sisters and mothers, who have watched as holy shrines are destroyed, hundreds of thousands killed and millions made refugees by people fighting in the name of peaceful religion. These people have turned conflict into a religious war.


[There is a group, within this side, who shares these ideas and who has called for a war until every woman, child and man has been butchered – and said openly that they do not believe in peace until every last civilian is dead.]


(B) Moreover, many supporters of this side around Europe have recently been calling for a nation of people to be ‘gassed’, ‘killed’, ‘shot’ and Hitler – who was responsible for the deaths of 60 million Europeans – has been lauded as a ‘great hero’. Shops have been attacked, religious institutions attacked and people threatened by crowds of hundreds of people ransacking, burning flags and calling for genocide.


On the other side:

There is a people who comprise less than 0.2% (13.9m) of the worlds population (over 110x less than the Muslim population and 140x less than than the worlds Christian population) who have won 22% of the Nobel Prizes in the world.

These people, accounting for less than 0.2% of the world have invented The polio vaccine, stainless steel, blood transfusion, the theory of relativity, modern psycho-analysis, Syphilis vaccine, the Laser, the MRI, drip irrigation, genetic engineering of crops to increase food production and Chemotherapy – just to name a few things.


They have one homeland, they have lived there continuously for 3,300 years, their holiest site was stolen from them, their people oppressed, forced to face conversion, death or flee, massacred, humiliated and their women raped in the land of their ancestors. And now they are called ‘colonizers’ of a land they have inhabited continuously for 3,300 years and been a majority in that land for much of the last 2,000 years, because today they choose not to live under a violent and intolerant ruler?


In their land, there is freedom of religion for (1.5million) Muslims, Christians and Jews there is democracy, there is freedom of speech, there are rights for gays, rights for women, freedom of internet and a free press.


Now tell me honestly, which side do you think really wants war more and which side bears responsibility for blocking a lasting peace?


Which side is fighting against peace, and which side is battling for peace and wants everyone to prosper and develop?


And now, which side is trying to act as morally as it can in the face of a situation that no other country has to face?


And which side, is the only country in the world able to effectively combat vicious militants intent on imposing their interpretation of harsh subjugation on a people – but is being condemned in the media for protecting itself?

…I just gave you 25 indicators of the answer.


So you say that you’re a liberal and support human rights? Well Hamas is anti-rights for gays, anti-rights for women, anti-democracy.


Has the world gone mad?


If you agree please share this.


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