Breaking News: MENA prescribed Adderall for Global Attention-Deficit-Disorder

While the world and social media is going crazy about Israel and Gaza – it seems none of them care anymore about other arabs? I don’t see anyone voicing opinion over the 270 people killed in Syria today – did you hear about it? Here’s what’s going on in the rest of the Middle East and North Africa – but where are your posts and concerns for these people?

Meanwhile, Israel, the only functioning democracy in the middle east that has freedom of speech, freedom of internet, rights for homosexuals, free and fair judicial system and freedom of religion is attacked in the media for defending millions of its citizens from over 1,000 rocket attacks by a group that has repeatedly called for its destruction and the (real) genocide of 5.5million Israeli Jews. And you say you’re concerned about human rights, but keep silent and refuse to condemn violators like Hamas who came to power in 2006 after a military coup and purged and executed all political opponents? Simple ‘Resistance fighters’ don’t execute and massacre their internal political opponents and then not allow further elections.

Maybe its time that supporters of human rights call for Palestinian leaders to (A) recognize a state of Israel and (B) Stop calling for the extermination of Jews, and driving Israel into the sea. You can maintain criticism for Israel – but if you want to solve anything, then you also need to address what Hamas is trying to do. Maybe that would help bring peace, don’t you think?

Syria – 270 killed a day ago. 170,000+ dead, over 3 million refugees.

Iraq – 35,000 Christians forced to pay Jizya, convert or “face the sword”. And mass executions taking place. And 2,400+ killed this month.

Afghanistan – Car bomb in a market kills 89+.

Libya – Fighting, at least 9 killed

Kenya – Al Shabab kill 7 in an attack on a bus.

Nigeria – Boko Haram attacks a town.

Yemen – Fighting,

List of dictatorships in MENA 1) Egypt 2) Iran 3) Libya 4) Syria 5) Tunisia 6) Saudi Arabia Jordan isn’t exactly a democracy either, and how about Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Oman and Iraq? Did I mention that Hamas came to power in Gaza after an armed coup, whereafter they massacred, purged and executed political opposition and there hasn’t been an election since 2006? And it was only after this, and they started smuggling weapons that the blockade was resumed. It’s definitely a tragedy the suffering of Palestinians and Israelis, but do none of the people who say this speak up about blaming Hamas, who are an armed wing of the Muslim brotherhood – not too different from al shabab, ISIS, Boko Haram, Taliban, Al Qaeda etc. And did I mention that Hamas has called for a genocide of all Israeli Jews, and fired over 1,000 rockets into Israel – should Israel just sit and wait for the rockets to hit them? So yes, Israel isn’t perfect, but you can’t help but wish that the Syrians and Iraqis had a government that allowed free speech, freedom of religion and protected human rights, like Israel’s government does right now. …And Israel is criticized for things like offering a ‘hasty ceasefire’ – you’d hope a ceasefire is hasty!

Rejected: Peel Commission Report, Rejected in 1947, Reject 2001, Rejected 2005.


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