Brush Off Your Calculators Because Something Just Isn’t Adding Up!

Some people really can’t do math. People saying that there is a ‘genocide’ in Gaza equated to Nazis are blatantly lying to you and exaggerating by around 20,000x – and here is why. Unfortunately, harsh words, but here’s the case.

Nazi’s used industrial scale to massacre 6,000,000 Jews. They also killed an estimated 20,000,000 Russian civilians. In all an estimated 60,000,000 were killed.

In case your math isn’t fresh. This is how many times exaggerated claims flying around the internet are. So far 246 killed in Gaza. I admit that there is death, and that it is a tragedy. I am not trying to diminish the real suffering of Palestinians – but there is lying going on that should be exposed.

(1) Jews Massacred by Nazis: 6,000,000/250 = 24,000x exaggerated Jews and Russian civilians massacred: 26,000,000/250 = 104,000x exaggerated Total 60,000,000/250 = 240,000x exaggerated So, if someone ever exaggerated a story by 24,000 times, let alone 240,000 times to me – I would call them a huge and undoubted liar trying to hide the truth! And I would never believe what they had to say nor listen to them ever again. But maybe you’re gullible. Below, I also compare casualties to other conflicts.

(2) Israel has saved hundreds of thousands of Palestinian lives, but Hamas and the PLO will never admit it. On the other hand, what is actually happening in the Palestinian territories is the Israeli healthcare and technology, together with receiving the most humanitarian aid in the world, has raised Palestinian living standards well above tens of other countries – including many ‘free’ arab countries. Now, while this does not defend against claims of occupation – it certainly does defend against claims of Genocide.

(a) Palestinian territories have lower Infant Mortality Rates than countries like: Lebanon, Jamaica, Brazil, Peru, Iran, Turkey, South Africa, Indonesia and in fact 98 other countries – but will they ever thank Israeli healthcare? No.

(b) In terms of Life expectancy, Palestinians live longer than: Lebanese, Iranians, Lithuanians, Moroccans, Moldovans, Ukrainians, Pakistanis, Indians, South Africans and in fact 94 other countries. Are ranked 104 in the World out of 198 countries. Between 1967 – 1994 when Israel was responsible for health and medical services of Palestinians (after Egypt and Jordan tried to wipe out Israel and lost the war). 90% of infants and school children were immunized. and the infant mortality rate (IMR) went down from 100 – 150 deaths per 1,000 live births under Jordanian and Egyptian occupation to between 20 – 25 deaths per 1,000 live births by the end of Israeli occupation in 1994. Even accounting for decrease across other countries, this is still a dramatic turnaround. So at minimum 2 million Palestinians, at 24.56 births/1,000 population. Approximately 2,000*25 babies born per year (minimum) of which saved about 100 per 1,000. Means saved 50*100 per year. Over at least 27 years until 1994, means 135,000 Palestinians who were saved by contributions of Israeli medicine and medical practice. The IMR is now at 14.92 per 1,000 births. Palestinian territories have a higher HDI than countries like Vietnam, Botswana, Syria, Morocco, Iraq, India, Ghana and South Africa Palestinian population growth rate is ranked 10th fastest in the world, ahead of 220 other countries – due in a large part to Israeli healthcare increasing life expectancy and reducing Palestinian infant mortality.

(c) This does not take into account the hundreds of Palestinians treated each month in Israeli hospitals – many in critical condition (that’s why they go to Israel), which has been taking place for the past 40+ years. Feel free to share this data. It’s only when people stop lying, exaggerating and trying to increase hate and violence that constructive discussion can take place. That means, those who equate Israel to Nazis are either exaggerating beyond the point of lying or lying. And if you ever hear someone say that Israel is trying to commit genocide – tell them that they are Liars who are promoting hate and violence. Using Palestinians as a political weapon against Israel by some media is an atrocity against Palestinians and the actions of Hamas should not be supported, and in fact silence by supporters of Palestinians that fail to condemn Hamas end up condemning more Palestinians to suffering as Hamas exploits Palestinians. Meanwhile, comparing Palestinian casualties to other conflicts and genocides.

(i) Armenian Genocide by Turkey: 1,000,000+ killed (4,000x exaggerated)

(ii) Sudan Genocide 400,000+ killed by Islamic Janjaweed (1,600x exaggerated)

(iii) Syria 140,000+ killed (560x exaggerated)

Other atrocities in the Middle East include (i) ISIS (ii) Hundreds of executions by the Iranian government etc.

I find it ridiculous and saddening that I even need to write such a post, Palestinians and Israeli’s are at war, and all some people want to do is increase hate and violence and not condemn a group such as Hamas that pressures Palestinians into becoming human shields and their own terror tactics that they know full well causes so much suffering. Nazi’s also invaded surrounding nations to kill more Jews, and far away nations to kill more Jews. They even invaded Hungary, their own ally, because Hungary weren’t handing over their Jews fast enough. Who invades their own ally? Has Israel ever invaded Saudi Arabia to kill Palestinians?

No. Also, please stop supporting the modern equivalent of “Book Burnings”.


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