A Baffling Boycott

Recently people have called for boycotts of Jews and Jewish inventions – people claim the world would be better without the Jews?

I point this out ironically on Facebook (Invented by a Jew), calls that people (especially in the Arab world) would be better off without Jews. If you don’t believe what I’m about to say, then you can Google it (Invented by a Jew). The Arabs should be thanking Jews mo…re than anyone else in the world! Why is this important? Well, because Arabs are calling for the boycott of Jewish inventions and Academia in a campaign similar of the book burnings in Europe. But what did the Jews invent, and why don’t Arabs like to die from Polio etc(Jonas Salk, a Jew, invented the vaccine)?

You see: Between 1901 and 2013, the Nobel Prize has been awarded to approximately 855 laureates. At least 193 (22%) of them have been Jewish. But there are only 13.9 million Jews in the world, less than 0.2% of the Worlds population. That means that Jews received 110 times more Nobel prizes than you’d expect, or 11,000% more than their contribution to population. For Jews to win this many Nobel prizes, its as if there should be at least 22%*7billion = 1.54 billion Jews. But there are only 13.9 million Jews. 110 times less than that.

You may want to write this down with a ballpoint pen (A Jew invention, Laszlo Biro). Who isolated and developed penicilin (anti-biotics) with Alexander Fleming – Sir Ernest Chain (A Jew). How many Arab lives has antiobiotics saved? That applies to the Syphilis vaccine too – Paul Ehrlich, in fact he shouldn’t even get tested because the Wasserman test was also invented by a Jew.The most common anti-coagulant for preventing heart-attacks and strokes – Shepard Shapiro. In fact, if he gets injured by an ISIS rocket, he shouldn’t get a blood transfusion, made possible by Karl Landsteiner. In fact, the blood couldn’t even be stored until Richard Lewisohn, discovered how to do this. In case you were wondering, so far Jews have saved billions through inventing blood transfusion, Polio vaccine, Syphalis vaccine, preventing heart-attacks and anti-biotics. The first Cholera and bubonic plague vaccine? Waldemark Haffkine – who even risked his own life by testing the vaccine on himself, to test if it worked.

Now imagine if 6 million Jews, or 1/3 of all the Jews in the world and 2/3 of European Jews, weren’t killed in the Holocaust – how many other inventions we might have? Not to mention if there weren’t pogroms, inquisitions, crusades, Ghettos and dhimmi laws? But what if they get tuberculosis – shouldn’t take the vaccine invented by Selman Waksman. Cortisone – first isolated by Tadeus Reichstein, then synthesized by Lewis Sarett, Max Tishler, and Carl Djerassi. If you have a headache by now hearing all of this, don’t take an aspirin – Charles Gerhardt! In fact, even oral contraceptives – invented by Jews. What about if an someone boycotting Jews and calling for their deaths gets Hepatitis B? Well then they definitely shouldn’t take the vaccine invented by Baruch Blumberg and Irving Millman – they should suffer instead. How about if they get cancer? Louis Goodman, Alfred Gilman, and Sidney Farber first treated Leukemia. Testicular cancer, cisplatin, invented by Barnett Rosenberg. Revolutionizing radiation oncology – Henry Kaplan. Let’s not even start on all the other discoveries made by Jews in virology and immunology. Breaking the genetic code – Marshall Nirenberg. How about getting an MRI made possible by I. I. Rabi? Lasik eye surgery – Samuel Blum! And last but not least, so that people in the rest of the middle east don’t need to drink cholera and diptheria filled water – they can partly thank Abel Wolman. Gonorrhea – Albert Ludwig Sigesmund Neisser invented the test. Heart disease? Don’t use Digitalis invented by Ludwig Traube. Novocaine.

If a poor Jew hating boy gets diabetes – he shouldn’t take insulin made possible by the discoveries of Oscar Minkowski – A Jewy Jew Jew. How about general anaesthetics, and anticonvulsants – Adolf von Baeyer. So, you see – Jews have saved more lives than you can count. And the next time your child isn’t paralyzed by polio or suffering from syphilis – thank the Jews for resisting forced conversion and torture and teaching their children Torah values and the importance of education. I forgot to mention Einstein, Freud, Oppenheimer, Genetic engineering, drip irrigation, Lasers, the pacemaker and defibrilator, Stainless steel, Levi Strauss, The television remote control, Prozac, Valium, Chemotherapy.

So tell all the “book burners” and others calling for a boycott of Israel to run and call their friends on their cellphones (with cellular technology invented by Jews in Israel – thank you Martin Cooper). Now I could go on about other Jewish inventions and even that between 1967 – 1994 when Israel was responsible for health and medical services of Palestinians (after Egypt and Jordan tried to wipe out Israel and lost the war). 90% of infants and school children were immunized. and the infant mortality rate went down from 100 – 150 deaths per 1,000 live births under Jordanian and Egyptian occupation to between 20 – 25 deaths per 1,000 live births by the end of Israeli occupation in 1994. So at minimum 2 million Palestinians, at 24.56 births/1,000 population. Approximately 2,000*25 babies born per year (minimum) of which Israel saves about 100 per 1,000. Means Israel saved 50*100 per year. Over at least 27 years until 1994, means 135,000 Palestinians who were saved by Israeli medicine and medical practice. The opposite of what Hamas claims. Based on what we’ve just read – the statistical improbability of Jews winning so many Nobel prizes, here’s a quotation, for emphasis, to think about. Bereishit/Genesis 12:3 “And I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse, and all the families of the earth shall be blessed in you.”

So please stop trying to kill Jews. If you liked this, please feel free to post and share.


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